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    Areas of Operation


    The project was started in March 1997 and is scheduled to be completed in October 1998. Despite of hold up due to revision of structural design.


    Our capacities give us the freedom of executing project of various sizes. From small personal projects to building mega build of grand scale.


    Construction of 3 Tier Flyover KPT Interchange at Hino Chowk Korangi Road Karachi including KPT Flyover at M.T. Khan Road.

    Our Services

    Project Management

    Our management teams provide project leadership and maintain a focus on the construction schedule.

    They effectively communicate with the project participants, monitor the work and progress of trades, facilitate coordination, provide project documentation, and follow-up on details and issues until resolved.

    This maximizes the value our clients get for their construction budget.

    Project  Management services include:

    • Professional on-site management
    • Cost estimating and value analysis
    • Effective communication
    • Phasing alternatives/milestones
    • Constructability reviews
    • General conditions and contract requirements
    • Bid/procurement process assistance
    • Schedule development and schedule monitoring
    • Leadership of coordination meetings
    • Contract administration and management
    • Quality assurance enforcement
    • Progress and financial reporting
    • Documentation and file maintenance
    • Change order management
    • Issue avoidance and dispute resolution
    • Contract closeout supervision

    Value Engineering for Cost Savings

    Value Engineering is a formal, structured process to ensure capital projects meet or exceed cost objectives without compromising project quality. UIA’s project teams use value engineering throughout a project, evaluating options with a focus on reducing project capital costs as well as life cycle costs.

    The value engineering process divides the total project’s scope of work into components, examining each individual component for alternatives that offer benefits in the areas of engineering design, equipment and material selection, construction and operations and maintenance.

    It is a structured application of proven techniques, applied at multiple phases of the project, with the primary objective to identify cost reductions. Value engineering is an area in which we excel, with an established record of success in achieving major cost benefits for our Clients.

    Engineering and Civil Construction

    Civil engineering services and infrastructure systems involves the design, analysis, and management of infrastructure supporting human activities, including, for example, electric power, oil and gas, water and wastewater, communications, transportation, and the collections of buildings that make up urban and rural communities. These networks deliver essential services, provide shelter, and support social interactions and economic development. They are society’s lifelines.

    The field of civil engineering and infrastructure builds on and extends traditional civil engineering areas. Rather than focus on individual structural components or structures, civil infrastructure systems emphasizes how different structures behave together as a system that serves a community’s needs.

    UIA plays a vital role in constructing the best infrastructure for Pakistan. Over the past 40 years, the company has implemented multiple civil engineering projects involving construction of major Bridges, Hospitals, Roads and Motorway systems throughout Pakistan consistent with established ‘green impact’ policies, resulting in environment friendly objectives.

    Infrastructure and transport services:

    • Transportation engineering
    • Road engineering and management
    • Bridge engineering
    • Tunnels
    • Harbors
    • Airports
    • Acoustics & noise
    • Water and wastewater engineering
    • District heating
    • Power transmission & distribution
    • Hydrological surveys


    The main objective of UIA’s procurement process is to maximize the value of investments on behalf of the client. Procurement is made according to a process that ensures safe delivery of goods and services at the right price, at the right time and at the right quality. In order for this to go as planned, procurement must be considered during the early stages of projects by setting up a procurement plan (procurement strategy) and by selecting the tender form for individual items of the project from the start.

    Our Clients depend on UIA’s expertise for timely procurement of materials and equipment for their projects. We have built a global network of trusted suppliers to meet Client objectives, delivering critical items to projects in a timely manner to meet project schedule and cost requirements.

    UIA’s procurement wing provides Clients with global resources, processes, systems, market knowledge and volume-leveraged pricing to maximize return on investment. We offer reliable project deliveries, innovative performance solutions and project savings through the combination of a global execution platform, industry-leading technologies and goods and services spend that exceeded $140 million during the last decade.

    UIA’s strategic view of the capital project market allows intelligent and timely recommendations based on long-term material demand, supply and pricing trends.

    • Strategic Sourcing: UIA achieves Clients’ product sourcing objectives by leveraging highly knowledgeable product directors assigned to specific categories of materials, equipment and services.
    • Material Management: UIA’s material management professionals support execution excellence by managing the quality and timely delivery of equipment from the manufacturer or supplier to job site.
    • Supplier Diversity: UIA is committed to achieving excellence in supplier diversity throughout its businesses. UIA operates across highly diverse markets that are best served by correspondingly diverse resources, including suppliers and subcontractors.

    Mechanical Fabrication and Erection

    UIA’s specialists provide expert consultation and design services in mechanical and industrial engineering, built on extensive experience servicing a wide variety of industrial companies in Korea, China, Oman, Germany, France and The United States.

    The education and training of division staff, coupled with UIA’s company culture, is aimed at forming a strong team of technicians in the area of mechanical and industrial engineering; one capable of delivering exceptional service built on the firm foundation of education and experience.

    Our operations cover all aspects of mechanical and industrial engineering, from concept to reality, utilizing state-of-the-art computer software and hardware for computations and drawings, including 3-D drawings, structural analysis and hydrodynamic analysis. Project involvement also includes, cost estimates, feasibility studies and valuations as well as tender documents for project construction and services.

    E & I Installation

    UIA offers Clients complete life-cycle electrical and instrumentation (E&I) solutions for onshore and offshore projects, from design to execution, service and maintenance.

    Customized maintenance and inspection programs reduce operational costs, maximize uptime and optimize efficiency. E&I services are often delivered using innovative access systems, including rope access and netting, providing a safer and more cost-effective alternative to traditional access methods.

    Our E&I teams provide a range of support functions including drawing modifications, work pack production and material procurement. Electrical services can be combined with other services to provide an integrated solution to meet specific project requirements.

    Our E&I teams provide a range of support functions including drawing modifications, work pack production and material procurement. Electrical services can be combined with other services to provide an integrated solution to meet specific project requirements

    E&I service offerings includes:

    • Building service
    • E&I integrity services, including electrical compliance optimization (ECO)
    • Electrical services
    • Instrumentation and control services

    Geotechnical Design And Construction

    UIA’s engineers have extensive experience in geotechnical design and construction of such structures. Foundation bearing capacity is evaluated, stability calculated, settlement predictions and liquefaction potential during earthquakes assessed. In larger projects, it is often necessary to perform comprehensive and specialized geotechnical investigations on soil and bedrock material properties.

    Research is conducted on minerals intended for use, and on foundations for structures. Where rock is at depth, SPT and/or CPT-holes are drilled to determine soil characteristics. In addition, undisturbed samples are taken to evaluate shear strength and settlement properties.

    Larger buildings are typically founded on piles if depth to rock is deep or material properties poor, but with lighter structures it is possible to place a surcharge load (pre-loading) on the construction site to obtain the projected settlement that the building would otherwise cause.

    Operations & Maintenance

    As organizations seek to protect capital investments and generate peak efficiency, operations and maintenance are becoming increasingly critical services. UIA operates an integrated Management System based on continuous improvements.

    It covers our activities in the core divisions of Industry, Energy and Infrastructure, including functional support and support services. We always aim to operate as an effective, fast and efficient company with the vision that the clients must always feel satisfied with the service we provide.

    Our Board of Directors ensure that company processes will always be managed and connected as a management system which always complies to requirements of customers, interested parties, international management system standards and law and legislation at given time.

    Our management system guarantees continuous improvements to constantly meeting customer requirements and adapt to changes in the business environment at any given time.

    Strategic Environmental Assessment Services (SEA)

    UIA undertakes Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA) for private and public development projects.

    As an experienced player in the EIA field, UIA has also been in the forefront of SEA and often joins forces with planning consultants and local authorities in their strategic approach to development.

    Commissioning & Turnarounds

    Startup success requires a team approach with active planning and participation by all stakeholders. Completion of a well-designed, safe and best-in-class facility delivered on time; requires the early development of a commissioning and start-up plan and schedule based on a systems approach and establishment of system turnover dates to support it.

    In support of startup planning, each process unit is divided into systems and sub-systems to facilitate their completion, pre-commissioning and commissioning. This approach requires close coordination among the Client, engineering, process licensors (if applicable), suppliers, construction and the start-up team for an orderly turnover, commissioning and start-up while minimizing the impact to ongoing operations.

    UIA develops a detailed Project Commissioning Manual early in the engineering phase that outlines the Client’s and UIA approach and methodology to implementing seamless commissioning and turnover.

    Our commissioning policies include comprehensive methodologies and frameworks on all of the following:

    • Construction Management
    • Construction Administration and Support
    • TAR Planning and Scheduling
    • Environmental Health and Safety Programs
    • Commissioning Planning
    • Procedure Development
    • Completions Planning
    • Close Out Documentation and Turnover

    Design Facility

    UIA’S primary goal is to execute a project that meets the Clients’ objectives for throughput capacity and quality of product. The detailed engineering and design phase is a key step delivering capital projects.

    We develop plans to ensure that the designs reflect Client requirements and facilitate construction meeting our Clients’ strategic objectives.

    UIA’s conceptual design capabilities align each project’s function, scope, cost and schedule with Client objectives to optimize project success.

    The conceptual design phase offers the best opportunity to assess business, commercial and technical risks; and to improve our Clients’ return on investment.

    Other conceptual design services include feasibility studies, project-development planning, technology evaluation and recommendations, modular construction options, risk-management assessment, global siting, financing planning, constructability reviews, asset and life-cycle optimization and front-end engineering.

    As a result of decades of executing complex projects, our technical experts have developed innovative design solutions, some of which have been patented and being deployed on projects.


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