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  • Areas of Certification

    Areas of CertificationVisible leadership and personal accountability at all levels

    At Usmani International Associates we do not want to harm people or the environment. Our principles, vision and commitment to quality, health, safety and environment is set down in our QHSE policy. This policy guides our day-to-day operations and actions and serves as an important benchmark for evaluating and ever-improving our performance.

    Our QHSE activities are split into following main areas:

    • QHSE in process plant design
    • QHSE at manufacturing sites
    • QHSE at construction sites

    At every step, we use tried-and-tested processes and procedures, state-of-the-art technology, clear lines of responsibility and accountability together with robust internal and third-party audits to ensure we meet the most demanding of QHSE standards.

    We hardwire quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) issues into every construction project right from day one, ensuring our outstanding track record on construction sites across the region.

    Quality, health, safety and the environment (QHSE) are a key part of the construction, commissioning and start-up phases of any project. They must be managed carefully in close collaboration with clients, contractors, suppliers and other partners.

    At Usmani International Assocaites, we take QHSE at our construction sites very seriously and strive to meet the following objectives:

    •  Zero incidents
    •  Safe, secure and healthy working conditions for everyone who works with and for us
    •  Safe, high-quality and environmentally responsible products and services
    •  Responsible use of natural resources

    On-site QHSE has to be hardwired into a project right from day one and continuously monitored throughout the entire project. Our Integrated Management System provides a comprehensive set of tools for steering our QHSE activities here.