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  • Introduction

    Our History

    M/S Usmani Associates is a construction company established in 1988 by Engineer Ahmed Ghazal Usmani with dreams and visions of an impeccable organization that is innovative, fair, balanced and trustworthy.

    The basic concept for creation of such a construction company replaced the orthodox way of construction by introducing state of the art building technologies, strict professional ethics and ethos, and innovative business models based on international standards procedures and frameworks. The results of our fastidious efforts have undoubtedly been overwhelmingly large and Usmani International Associates has indubitably made its mark in the Pakistani construction industry.

    Our expertise in the construction arena dates back to the 1960’s where parent company Indus Engineers made a significant impact in the Oil and Gas Exploration Industry as well as military infrastructure development. Indus Engineers’ strong foundation enabled a sound development for Usmani International Associates core values, beliefs and ideologies.

    It was with this creed in addition to our ethical business principles that we sought to enhance, diversify and enrich our company portfolio as well as expand our areas of specialized focus. Usmani International Associates’ basic idea of believing in the beauty of our dreams to create a future we had imagined certainly has had some prophetic manifestations.

    With years of zealous hard work, we provided a breakthrough for the development of modern construction industry of Pakistan. We are one the very few organizations in Pakistan that have International ISO 9001 Certification of compliance along with a CA No Limit (PEC) license.

    Though we may be considered a relatively fledgling organization, we pride ourselves on being a comprehensive, adaptable and visionary construction enterprise.

    Our Specialized divisions include but are not limited to:

    • Urban developments
    • Architectural Constructions
    • Industrial Constructions
    • Public Health Works
    • Roads and Bridges
    • Airports and Specialized Runways
    • Nuclear Energy Generation Civil Works
    • Military Installations
    • Transport and Mass Transit Systems
    • Survey and Designing

    Each division comes fully equipped with material, machinery, expertise as well as a strong emphasis on Quality Control and Quality Assurance. We also place robust importance on Health, Safety and Environment protection for all our projects. We intensely believe that our contribution to society is providing long-lasting, durable and extremely high-quality structures and infrastructures to the end users.