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    Occupational health and safety is the bedrock of every industrial plant without it, no facility can operate effectively.

    The risk of workers being seriously injured is particularly high during the construction of process plants and during modernisation projects.

    Dangers for workers here include falling from heights, being hit by falling objects as well as fires and explosions. The smallest mistakes can turn into major risks to health and safety or cause damage to machines and equipment.

    Customers also look at incident statistics when awarding contracts and so companies with above-average incident rates often struggle to win new business.

    We at Usmani International Associates have created a Three Module Approach which we incorporate into all our projects from start to finish:

    Module 1: Laying the right foundations

    It all starts with Safety Management Services. “In this module, we define and put in place the systems and processes that fit the organization and stakeholder needs. In concrete terms, this means the internal regulations governing key safety issues such as risk assessments and incident investigations.

    Our aim is to work with companies to establish a suitable occupational health and safety management system, going on to optimise it further. If required, we also offer additional support services extending from training up to certification of safety management systems.

    Module 2: Supporting individual projects

    With Project & Execution Safety Services, we study each individual project and client in detail, for example the construction of a new industrial plant. Factoring in regional and customer requirements, we plan safety programmes that ensure construction projects are executed safely. In addition to offering training services, UIA’s experienced QHSE specialists are also on hand to provide support on site if required.

    Module 3: Successful implementation

    Behaviour Based Safety Services. This suite of services has been designed to put theory into practice. In other words, reliably and effectively transferring rules, regulations and training into day-to-day operations so that employees behave safely at all times.

    The innovative concept was developed jointly by both companies and transfers proven coaching methods to occupational health and safety. The best plans, programmes and guidelines are doomed to fail if you don’t have a clear idea about how you are going to get everyone on a construction site to actively adhere to these best practices. We use safety coaching to ensure that every employee sets themselves the personal goal of working safely.